Disaster Prevention Tour 2019

Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution and Earthquake Memorial Park
Sunday, February 24, Kobe

On the Tour

I learned about earthquakes, tsunamis and disaster prevention at the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution in Kobe. I felt the strength and the terror of Mother Nature while at the same time, moved by the efforts of people who are working hard in the post-disaster reconstruction. As Japan is a country where natural disasters frequently occur, citizens are regularly educated in disaster prevention. I felt that the children that were with me on the tour were well trained. As a foreigner living in Japan, I felt that I wasn’t very aware of disaster prevention and my knowledge was lacking. This tour was very meaningful and I would like to share what I learned today with those around me. (Chi Lee / China)


Disaster Prevention Workshop
Saturday, March 2, Minaminakakashii


Words from the participants

There were many things I didn’t know that are common knowledge about earthquakes and tsunamis, so it’s been very helpful. (H.M.)

I thought I knew, but there were many things I had forgotten. I’m glad to be able to get a refresher. I would like to try the disaster emergency phone system again. (H.I.)

The disaster emergency phone system was taught at work, but I had never actually used it, so it was good to learn. (B)

This game gives insight into how foreigners feel while living in Japan. It was a good experience. (H. H.)

It is difficult to understand with just the words. Pictures and signs, I felt, are very important. (K.S.)