Chat Café 

The guests of today’s Chat Café  were Kansai International Center trainees Amer (Libya) and Siam (Bangladesh). Twenty participants listened to the stories they shared.

Amer introduced Libya’s religion, tourist attractions, and cuisine. Among Libya’s many dishes, Amer said that he likes to cook with large chunks of lamb. He said that this Libyan lamb is cheap and tasty.

Amer recommended the visiting the Jebel Akhdar region, a tourist attraction. The climate is cool and the area is known for its natural spaces and its delicious honey. There are also historical ruins from the Greek and Roman periods, which have been designated a World Heritage Site.

Siam, dressed in a male traditional Punjabi costume

Bangladesh has deep ties with Japan. Bangladesh is about 40% the size of Japan, but has about 1.4 times the population of Japan!

Sundarbans, which has the world’s largest natural mangrove forest, is a habitat for Bengal tigers, and there are also many wild animals such as crocodiles, deer, monkeys, and otters. Siam recommended taking a river cruise.

Siam also introduced the audience to some of the festivals. Boat races, kite flying festivals, and a fireworks festivals are popular among young people. At the fireworks festival, you often can see performers blowing fire from their mouths. Mr. Siam also said, “I can do it too!” he said.”