From its establishment on September 22, 1990, Izumisano Cross-cultural Association (ica) has promoted the cultural exchange between people from across the globe. Ica strives to reinforce the association, increase the number of members (currently held at 300) from the community and strengthen relationships with those in the community. Ica often holds activities that build awareness around topics such as the environment, resources, and world peace. In addition we hold training sessions that build mutual friendship among members.

The City of Izumisano provides financial support and human resources. Ica cooperates and collaborates with City of Izumisano to plan and carry out activities.


  • Establishment: September 22, 1990 Established as Izumisano Cross-cultural Association (ica)
    April 22, 2003 Approved as Specified Nonprofit Organization
  • Chairperson: Kenjyo Satoh
  • Types – Number of Members(as of 31,March,2015):Regular Members
    Individual – 277
    Student – 10
    Corporate Group – 14
    Total number of people involved in ica activities(2014/4-2015/3):7,565
  • Address:
    Izumisano Cross-cultural Association
    476-2 Minaminakakashii
    Main Building 1st Floor
    Izumisano-shi, Osaka
  • Contact:Tel 072-429-9741
    Fax 072-429-9742
    URL : http://www.ica.gr.jp


  1. We contribute to global peace, prosperity, well-being and happiness of people through promoting new friendships, cultural exchange, and solidarity. Therefore, we seek out interactions with different countries, areas, and people.
  2. We create a global city, Izumisano full of humanity.

Activities and Projects

  • Annual Cultural Events: Introduction to Japanese Culture, Girl’s Festival, and foreign cuisine classes, a year end party, Music and dance performances, Izumisano Traditional Arts Festival.
  • Japanese Classes: person-to-person Japanese language classes, Japanese teacher training classes.
  • Foreign Language Services: monthly Foreign language meetings, interpreter coordination, event interpreting, translation.
  • Cooperation in international understanding for children:Sending foreign people to schools
  • Homestay: long-term and short-term hosting.

Public Relations

  • Publication of ica NEWS(published on the first of every month).
  • ica website updates.
  • Event photography.


If you are an individual or a family living, working or studying in Izumisano City, or a group or corporation located in and around Izumisano City, or perhaps you just simply love Izumisano, you are eligible to become a member. Please click here to apply.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Individual : 2,000 yen
  • Student : 1,000 yen
  • Family : 3,000 yen
  • Group : 10,000 yen