End-of-the-year Get-together

Saturday, December 3, 2022 at Izumisano Cross-cultural Association

The GAYAGAYA Party (End-of-the-year Party) was attended by 67 people, including 15 foreigners. Foreigners and Japanese enjoyed playing Japanese drums and flutes, playing games and dancing together while interacting with each other.

International Friendship Festival

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at the Kansai International Center

The 23rd Fureai Koryu Matsuri (International Friendship Festival) was held at the The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai, for the first time in three years. The ica Original Fan Making event attracted many visitors, with about 100 people taking part, including institute trainees, parents and children. Visitors tried their hand at writing Japanese characters with brush pens to make their own unique fans.

ica’s Safi decided at the last minute, to participate in the Tajiri Collection, an ethnic costume fashion show. “I was super nervous because it was my first time, but the audience gave me such a warm welcome that I think I did well.”

Organized by: Kansai International Centre Trainee Exchange Support Council Co-organized by: The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

Idobata Salon

Saturday, July 23, 2022 at Izumisano Cross-cultural Association

Thirty-one people, mostly foreign members of ica and students of the Japanese Language Instruction Volunteer Training Course, participated in the language and culture exchange. Divided into groups, participants spoke freely about their own cultures and impressions of Japan in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

What was your overall impression of the language and culture exchange event?

  • There were many people I had never met before. It was fun.
  • I gave my brain a workout talking with people from overseas for the first time in several years.
  • I was very happy to hear many people say, “I love Japan! I was very happy to hear many of them say, “I love Japan! I hope they will like Japan even more in the future.
  • I was impressed by the way they were actively trying to communicate with each other regardless of whether their Japanese was good or bad. I hope that they will become more proficient.
  • I was impressed by the fact that they have a clear purpose for living in Japan.
  • The atmosphere was warm and easy to talk with. I was surprised that there were several Japanese who spoke Chinese.
  • The topics of conversation were not only about my country and myself, but also about current issues and common interests.

ica Walk 2022

Sunday, May 29 at Izumisano Hillside Park (Kyuryo Ryokuchi Park) and Shintaki Lake

In the pleasant breeze of early summer, 50 people enjoyed a 4 kilometer walk through Izumisano Hillside Park. After the walk, participants partook in a lively ica quiz and enjoyed lunch under the shade of a tree. Surrounded by the outdoors, participants felt free to deepen their exchanges with each other.

From the participants:

  • The time and distance were just right for walking. (Chang Fan/China)
  • We were able to speak from different perspectives. We could talk about the state of life in China, our home countries, the language that Hong Kong students use in class, and Japan, as seen from abroad. It was a truly unique cross-cultural exchange. While outdoors, we had a rousing quiz match and a wonderful time, transcending borders and languages. (Tagako Kidoguchi)

Understanding the World: Displaying Traditional Japanese Dolls

Saturday, April 23rd at Izumisano Cross-cultural Association

While listening to the explanation of the traditional Japanese dolls, we displayed the dolls one by one. We also displayed traditional warrior headpieces. It was an opportunity to learn all about Japan’s traditional dolls. With the help of the Kimono Fitting Club, children had the chance to wear kimonos for the first time. There were others who made origami warrior headpieces for the first time. It was a meeting where we all had a chance to have hands on experience with different aspects of Japan culture.

In cooperation with Toshihiko Kamidoi and Chieko Ishi from the Izumisano Tourism Volunteer Association