A Chance to Conduct Osaka University of Tourism’s Brass Band Club

Sunday, May 26
Ebeno Izumi Mori Hall, Reception Hall

Following the general assembly meeting, around 60 people attended and enjoyed an Understanding Earth Lecture, with a performance by Osaka University of Tourism’s Brass Band Club. In addition, from a group of interested participants, three people were selected to try their hand at conducting. They waved the baton in the air however they saw fit, to the tune of Do-Re-Mi.

Attendees’ Impressions

● ica sponsored, the energy and youthfulness of the tourism university students, it was a valuable and enjoyable experience through the music produced by foreigners. Thank you.

● I used to be in band brass band. I recognized all the songs and my daughter who is an elementary school student, also enjoyed it.

● It looked liked fun for the foreigners who were asked to conduct. Music is shared by everyone around the world.

Guest Conductor’s Impressions

It was fun. Although it was my first experience I wasn’t nervous.  And while the actual time conducting was quite short, it felt like a long time. That means it was fun. If it had been longer, I would’ve started dancing. I was impressed when I stood on the stage and saw everyone in the brass band with cheerful expressions on their faces. (Emanuel / Uganda)