Welcome Party for KIX Senshu International Marathon Runners

Welcome Party for Marathon Runners 
Friday February 15, Minaminakakashii

Prior to the 26th Annual KIX Senshu International Marathon, Izumisano City, in partnership with Chengdu in China, New Town in Mongolia, Tubu in Mongolia, the city of Marilia in Brazil, and the Republic of Uganda, held a welcome party for the 6 runners from their respective countries. Forty-four people, mainly ica members, participated and cheered on the runners.


From the left, Wang Jiayu (China),  Oyuka (Mongolia),  Dogee (Mongolia), Alex (Uganda), Saihana (Mongolia), Satake (ica) and Leonardo (Brazil). Satake, a registered runner, who also participated last year, said, “The bridge makes this course difficult.”

Nankin Tamasudare​, a traditional Japanese street performance, stirring everyone in the hall with excitement.

Having a short tea break, Emmanuel (left) and Alex (right),  "The Uganda Brothers". Alex is a 19-year-old police officer.