Cultural Exchange for Children

Cultural Exchange for Children
Sunday, September 9, Sano Public Hall Multipurpose Room

Mothers of World Fun (Cross-Cultural Exchange Group for Child-rearing Families) planned the event. There were 24 families, making a total of 72 participants. Foreign guests introduced their?home countries and then everyone?had a lot of fun playing the Fruit Basket Game.

The fun I want to express

It was our first time, a three member family, to participate in this event organized by World Fun.

Increasingly, I think?this is an era in which people?with international?awareness is needed. In this light, I registered with ica in the spring. But,?the thing is, while in the past I could speak English, now I can’t ?my children can’t either. I was worried?ica wouldn’t accept such a family and I had butterflies in my stomach from the day of preparation to the day of the event.

However,?we were?warmly welcomed by everyone at World Fun. And I could also see that we all just wanted each other to enjoy this?international cultural exchange.?In the end, my anxiety and nervousness turned?into fun.

At the event, a lot of children and people from various countries got together, had fun learning, and enjoyed playing together. The place got excited for Alan’s interesting talk titled, “Listen up Everyone”. In addition, Alison’s presentation brought to mind Australian nature?and its delicious seafood. ? Tieaiki’s Chinese course, while quite difficult, was unique.

I thought?of foreign countries as being far away, but I learned that even?while being in Japan I could get a taste of foreign cultures and people.?I had wonderful moments and I wanted to express this day of fun to my friends. Thank you all for planning, preparing and tidying up! Let’s meet again. (Yoshiko Honda)