Let’s Talk in Japanese

The Japanese language class presentation,?Let’s Talk in Japanese was held on Saturday, June 16. About 50 people attended. There were nine presenters from five different countries. In accordance with their Japanese level, presenters showed the audience their various skills by giving speeches, singing songs, and doing skits.

Participants’ Impressions

● When I study Japanese every week with ica, I often don’t see other students, so today I was very pleased to meet students from various countries. It was a good opportunity to talk in Japanese with people from various countries who are also learning at ica. (China)

● I understand the hard work and the thought of facing embarrassment. Having the opportunity to present is a nice change of pace, in addition it’s sure to improve presenters’ Japanese. The children were also very adorable. (Anonymous)

● It was fun to see a rich variety of rakugo, plays, songs, etc. in Japanese. (Anonymous)

● Each presentation was unique and had an important message to give. I was impressed. They were not “stiff speeches” like I thought but actually quite a lot of fun. (R.K.)

● I participated for the first time. It was fun to be able to listen to interesting stories from various countries. (MO)

● It’s been a long time since I joined ica. There were many new faces. There are fond memories, seeing the Japanese faces here. It was fun to see various people gather and present. (Y.I.)