2018 Cultural Exchange at Kansai International Center

Cultural Exchange
Thursday, October 25, 2018, Kansai International Center

68 people from 27 countries and regions gathered to converse and share their stories at the Kansai International Center Hall. Around 27 Japanese language students from Kansai International Center and Japanese participants were divided into small groups. Groups took to the numerous tables and exchanged in Japanese and English, often making gestures.

What were the foreign participants’ impressions?
● I’m happy to be able practice Japanese. (Spain)
● ica members are very friendly and warm. (Vanuatu)

What were the Japanese participants’ impressions?
● During the conversation, I? wanted to cheer them on as?they tried to do?their best to remember Japanese by writing in?their notebooks.
● Everyone spoke with?such pride of their work that their?eyes sparkled.

Participants’ Countries of Origin
Europe + NIS
United Kingdom, Georgia, Spain

Middle East
Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan

Mali, Sudan, Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Tanzania Ethiopia, Benin, Namibia

Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Mongolia, Malaysia, Laos Vietnam, Philippines


Latin America
Guyana, Colombia