It’s Japanese Presentation Time

The 10th Annual ICA Japanese Class Presentations were held on Sunday, May 6, 2016. This year there were 16 presenters. Presentations included a variety of content and formats. Some presenters introduced their home countries, others talked about life in Japan, or their experiences learning Japanese. Others recited passages, sang music, or performed rakugo. After the presentations?there was a chance for the 33 audience members?to share words with the presenters.

The Program

An Impressive Moment ● Ogi – / Mongolia
Self-introduction ● MoMie / China
My Candy Can(s) ● Wang Nan / China
Morning of the Relay ● Grace / Philippines
Rakugo ● Emilio / Italy
Home Country Introduction and Mission ● Taranga / Sri Lanka
My Family and Japan ● Nirumini / Sri Lanka
(song) “Promise of Sunflowers” ● Aiko Mizuno / Japan
(song) “500 Miles” ● Mari Mizuno / Japan
Home Country Introduction● Mizuno Fefuranshia / Philippines
New Year’s in Japan and Sri Lanka ● Nadika / Sri Lanka
The Differences between Sri Lankan and Japanese Life and Culture ● Himari / Sri Lanka
Life in Japan ● Jan’natu / Bangladesh
My life in Japan ● Huang Shin / China
(recital) “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” ● Song Yingjie / China
(song) “Jida” ● Chieri Hasegawa / Thailand



The moderator for the first half was Fefuranshia (Philippines). “It was a good experience, however,?I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to?moderate well because I had just finished working the night before.” The moderator for the second half was Chieri Hasegawa (Thailand). “It was fun!”


After the Show Meet and Greet

Reflections?from the presenters

A presentation such as?this, made me nervous but also made me more confident. (Ogi / Mongolia)

I was so nervous but It was a good experience. (Jannatu / Bangladesh)

I was happy to hear, “Your song was great!”, from the audience.(Aiko Mizuno)

I was happy to attend the presentation. I regret that my speech was too short. I will?try?again next year.(Huang / China)

Impressions?from the audience

The rakugo performance was very interesting and the plot was good. I think it could have been better if the story was a bit longer. (A)

The Osaka dialect was very good. (I)

I was impressed with the way they?presented various ideas. For example they used computers.?I could see that they had worked hard?when I saw them doing their best.(M)

The presentations had variety and were?interesting.?Those who are good at Japanese and those who have just started studying, were both trying hard. They must have inspired each other.?(M)