Authentic Chinese Dumplings with Mom and Dad

Wednesday, August 17, Sano Public Hall Kitchen

Ms. Chinmei from China, demonstrated how to make Chinese dumplings from wrapper to filling. It was a lively cooking class made up of six groups, including children from ages four to twelve. Before tasting the dumplings everyone said “wo kai shi chi la” (Let’s eat). Ms. Chinmei served her handmade desert called “xiancao” which added to everyone’s summer vacation memories.


The children doing a great job of cutting vegetables, mixing dumpling bean paste, kneading flour, and making dumpling wrappers.
The making of Xiancao. ?When Chinese native herbs are added to the liquid mixture after being boiled the liquid solidifies and becomes jelly. Xiancao is popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan as a dessert and is believed to alleviate the effects of summer heat.


Words from the Participants
? I wanted to make dumpling wrappers, so I joined. It was rich and tasty.
? I enjoyed cutting vegetables.
? I was a bit nervous because there was a TV camera. *
? The wrapping style of dumplings was different from what I was doing at home. I made it cute so I think I will try it at home again.
* J: COM broadcasts on August 23.