Studying Islamic Culture, Cooking Class

Studying Islamic Culture: Cooking Class
Sunday, October 15 at Sano Public Hall Kitchen

As part of the Islamic Culture Understanding Lecture, a cooking class was held by Syrian native and ica Japanese language student, Ms. Nagam. Twenty?people participated is this event.




fried eggplant slices, ground beef with rice, topped with cashew nuts
It looks like a cake!

Molukhia Soup◆?
made with dried molukhia.
Syrian style salad
with r
efreshing lemon and dry mint



Ms. Nagam (center) observing the cooking progress at each table.

Participants’ Words

● It was surprising to hear that it was a regular dish. I want to eat it again.
● I was impressed when the maroba was done. The scent and shape were so attractive.
● Syria’s culture, language, etc. were also introduced and I became more interested in Syria.
● I was surprised to learn that rice is even eaten in Arab countries. I am happy to be able to have the ingredients close at hand. Spices are absolutely necessary! Should I buy some spices now?