Language Exchange at Kansai International Center

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at Kansai International Center

74 people from 29 countries exchanged words at Kansai International Center. Japanese learners from ica and Japanese language trainees?from Kansai International Center, along with Japanese attendees, all split up into small groups and?gathered around tables. They? and?communicated?with gestures, Japanese?and English.

What were foreigners’ impressions of the event?

● It’s fun to hear opinions from various people. (Germany)
● I enjoyed being asked various questions from Japanese people. (Italy)
● The local food?recommendation?is?sword fish sushi. (Korea)

What were Japanese people’s impressions of the event?

● I’ve never had such a opportunity to talk with foreigners, so it was a nice experience.
● I felt that all the foreigners were forward thinking (including future research and work).


Participants’ Countries?of Origin

Europe + NIS
Italy, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Uzbekistan

Middle East
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine

Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros, Benin, Liberia,? Mauritania

Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Nepal

North America

Latin America
Haiti, Honduras, Argentina