Soft Volleyball

On Thursday, February 11, ? fifty-two?people, ?including sixteen?people from sixteen?different countries,?played soft volleyball at Izumisano Health Increase?Center.? Four teams were made?and matches were played?according to local ica rules.


In Izumisano you can find a lot of foreigners like these to play with .
– Sugita

I was surprised that Eddie, who is taller than the net , was able to block simply by raising two hands.

I was able to play?soft volleyball with people from different countries, and my child?was held by many different people .??We had a?fun time.

I’m really old?(?28 years old).??I didn’t try too hard?since my whole body would have been?in pain(laughing).
-Jose, Panama

People of all ages can enjoy soft volleyball; it’s such a good idea. ?It was a nice break from the usual day.??It was a great opportunity to learn Japanese.
-Andy ,Albania

It was my first time playing soft volleyball. It was fun to meet so many different people.
-Sadigo, Azerbajian