End of the Year Party

A toast to the world!

It was a packed house for the last and biggest event of 2015. ?Nearly?120 people including 39 people from 26 countries, came to the 2015 End of the Year?Party at Shakai Fukushi Center?to chat, dance, and make new friends.

ica Japanese language students dressed in costumes, performed?the famous Russian folktale, The Gigantic Turnip.

This Moldovan folk dance was led by Daniel. Under his skillful?direction, everyone held hands,?formed a circle, ?and took three steps to the left?and five steps to the ?right. When?everyone gathered in?the center, the men?chanted in a low voice,? “Ororororo…”;?the women chanted in a high voice, “Rururururu …”.


“It was really fun!”

“I was a bit nervous narrating the play, but because I did it with a smile I was less nervous.” (Ogi, Mongolia)

“The skit was a success!” (Li , China)

“There were many people from different countries. I spoke in?Japanese, English, and Sri Lankan. We talked a lot.” (Tirini , Sri Lanka)

“The party had a?great?atmosphere!” (Russia)

“Everyone helped to make this a great party!” (Japan)