Let’s Play!

Let’s play with foreigners, is a program designed to warm children’s hearts with a variety of activities. This year activities included guest country introductions and gesture games like Janken Lesha (Rock, Paper, Scissors Train) Omiseyasangokko (Pretend Shopping), and more. Let’s play with foreigners, is planned, prepared and managed by the mothers of World Fun This year 8 foreigners from 7 different countries (Iran, Egypt, Ghana, Sri Lanka, China, Germany and Vietnam) joined the event. Guests and families had good laughs and fun times together.

Nothing better than having fun!

I participated in Let’s play with foreigners. During the guest presentations interested children gathered around to listen. Looking at the game Janken (Rock, Scissors, Paper), there were not three, but four, options to play. It’s not even Rock, Scissors, Paper at that point. It was surprising to say the least.

It was fun times in the game corner where foreign currency was used.

I participated because I thought it would be good, from a young age, to converse with people from various countries. It was an opportunity to take some time to communicate with people who spoke little to no Japanese. After joining ica, I’ve become more and more at ease with this.

I think the most memorable moment from this experience happened before the actual event. The guests’ children along with Japanese children, although they couldn’t understand each other, they played a fun game of soccer.

In Japan, there aren’t many so many events with the opportunities to learn about other countries. Because of that, I think this is a great experience. Thank you! (TM)