Japanese Presentation Time

Japanese Class presentation
Sunday June 18, 2017

Let’s speak Japanese was held on June 18 in the ica Japanese Presentation Room. Around 50 people participated. There were 13 presenters representing 6 countries. Speeches included topics such as personal interests, presenter’s home countries, and Japan.


● Today’s Korean Entertainment (Korea)
● Poetry Reading (China)
● My thoughts on coming to Japan (Korea)
● Morning Relay (China)
● About Japan (Vietnam)
● Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
● My Little Village (Vietnam)
● Why I Like Japan (Germany)
● How to Make Dakdoritang (Korea)
● Self Introduction (China)
● Picture-story show: Tears of the Camel (Mongolia)
● My Proud Library and the Benefits of Reading (UK)
● My Favorite Korean Idol (China)


Participants’ Impressions

● It was really fun. Many foreigners talked about various topics. This event was a good opportunity to talk in Japanese with people studying Japanese from various countries. (Germany)

● It was a nice experience. I was surprised that people from various countries spoke Japanese?quite well. I also think?I should study harder. (Korea)

● People from many countries expressed their enjoyment of Japan. I enjoyed hearing the variety of stories of about life in Japan. (Japan)

● It was fun, thank you. I love you teacher Matsumura! (Korea)

● The speech, “My thoughts on Coming to Japan”, was fun and I laughed a lot. (England)

● It was interesting. Various countries and adults and children are here. (China)

● I’m happy that I could particpate this year too. (Mongolia)

● In my brain: Nervousness, sleepiness, food, and everyone’s Japanese is so good !!!! ? Fantastic!! ? (China)

● International Japanese party! Thanks to ica and Izumisano, it was great! (China)



After the presentations everyone came together for a group photo.


The language exchange party atmosphere included sighs of relief as tension melted away and everyone smiled.