Expressing Japanese Culture in English

Friday, February 12, 2021 at Izumisano Cross-cultural Center

“I want to introduce Japanese culture to a foreigners!” If such a situation arises, how would you talk about Japanese culture in English? ica has started a series of six lectures (Feb. 12 to Mar. 19) to help you learn about Japanese culture while having fun at the same time. Twelve students are taking the course with themes including Japanese rooms, kimonos, Japanese food, tea ceremony, Japanese holidays and traditional events, and Japanese sake.

Impressions from the participants

  • It was interesting to learn about the unique culture of Japan.
  • What was interesting for me think about was the fact that many behaviors Japanese people take for granted are new and unknown to people from other countries.

Lasting impressions

  • Fusuma became a place of art.
  • The teacher told us that there were times when foreigners sat on the floor of the area where left suitcases were stowed.
  • I was impressed with the teacher’s experience working as an interpreter.
  • I was reminded of the importance of shadowing.
  • I was taken away by Ms. Azuma’s excellent English.
  • With simple words, quite detailed explanations are possible.