ica Walk 2022

Sunday, May 29 at Izumisano Hillside Park (Kyuryo Ryokuchi Park) and Shintaki Lake

In the pleasant breeze of early summer, 50 people enjoyed a 4 kilometer walk through Izumisano Hillside Park. After the walk, participants partook in a lively ica quiz and enjoyed lunch under the shade of a tree. Surrounded by the outdoors, participants felt free to deepen their exchanges with each other.

From the participants:

  • The time and distance were just right for walking. (Chang Fan/China)
  • We were able to speak from different perspectives. We could talk about the state of life in China, our home countries, the language that Hong Kong students use in class, and Japan, as seen from abroad. It was a truly unique cross-cultural exchange. While outdoors, we had a rousing quiz match and a wonderful time, transcending borders and languages. (Tagako Kidoguchi)