Gayagaya Year End Party!

With people of the world, let’s make a toast!
There were 138 people from 48 different countries who attended this year’s Gayagaya event, making it the most attended event in ica history. Many families and people of various ages and nationalities enjoyed singing, dancing, games and chatting. (Social Welfare Center)





  • The Mongolian games were fun because I was able to talk with foreigners for the first time. (I)
  • It was fun. I enjoyed the music and dancing. Both Japanese and Jamaicans were warm and friendly. (D / Jamaica)
  • There were more countries that came here than I had thought. They really understood whole point of ica. (M)
  • As the moderator, I was very nervous; but it was fun. I wore a hat and danced to Pico Taro. But of course, suddenly it became difficult. (L / China)