English Café

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Izumisano Cross-cultural Association, Minaminakakashii Building

ica Japanese learners Ms. Yu (Thailand) and Ms. Lin (China) were invited as guests, and enjoyed chatting in Japanese.

“In Thailand, women do not touch monks. I was surprised to learn that monks in Japan can marry and are allowed to touch women,” said Ms. Yu.

Ms. Lin introduces tea utensils and a variety of teas, including Pu’er tea and Ma Li Hua tea. One of the most popular teas is Gong Yi tea, which is a dried flower wrapped in tea leaves that opens when hot water is poured over it.

The Introduction of the English Café Passport

Participants will be issued a English Café Passport! We invite you to create your own original passport. Jot down special moments and interactions you’ve had or simply add your own photos to it.