Easter Eggs and Lemon Cakes: A German Sweets Lecture

Sunday, March 26 at Sano Public Hall
Midori Yoshida, who lived in Germany for 9 years, had a class on making Easter eggs and lemon cakes, a common tradition of Easter celebrations in Germany this time of year.

How to Make Easter Eggs

From the whiteboard


Sand the edges of egg shell with sandpaper.


Make ?a 5-7 mm hole and break the yolk. Then blow air through the hole on top to remove the contents.


Let the eggs dry.


When you’ve finished painting the Easter egg is complete!

Below are German style lemon cakes containing?the egg whites and yolks from the Easter eggs. Participants are putting icing on a freshly baked lemon cake. What a pleasant aroma!


Participants’ Impressions

I have an Easter egg at my house and I wondered about how to make it. It was great to be able to learn how to make one today. (M)

Sanding the eggs was delicate work, but it was fun. (K)

Making holes in the egg took patience and time. It was difficult to remove the contents of the eggs. (O)

I am?interested in Germany, so I’m glad that I could participate today. (M)

I was able to learn about German culture and the differences between Japan and Germany. It was interesting. (I)