Children’s International Exchange

Sunday, September 4, Sano Public Hall Multipurpose Room

Twenty-five children, up to grade four of elementary school, and their parents listened to the stories of the students of Japanese learners from ica and also played Rock, Scissors, Paper. This year was a first time the mothers of the World Fun (intercultural exchange group for families) held the event. They found some time in their busy schedules for to prepare for this event and were careful to design the event to appeal to children’s interests.

Children and Adults Have a Good Time
I was a staff member from the preparation stage to the final event of the international exchange event “Let’s play with foreigners”. All staff members were struggling to find ideas that both children and adults, and both foreigners and Japanese would enjoy. On Saturday, natives of Sri Lanka, Korea, China, Bulgaria and the Philippines joined in and taught greetings in foreign languages ??such as “good morning”. Participants also learned how express animal sounds such as dog barks and took an animal bark quiz. There were plenty of things to do and see. For example, members asked such questions as?”What do you have for breakfast?”, others listened to a Sri Lankan songs and everyone joined?along in a Bulgarian dance.

Everyone was very excited about the Sri Lanka’s game where players were blindfolded and had to correctly place the elephant’s eyeball on the elephant’s body. No matter which country, we all laughed. It was so fun that time flew by.
(Hanako Sugimoto)

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