Café Talk

Café Talk is a gathering where guests are free to talk about whatever they’d like to. Inevitably, ica members and ica foreign guests discuss various topics. The guests this time were ica members, Safi from Malaysia and Yong from Ghana. The topics of conversation this time revolved around their countries and their experiences in Japan.

Words from the Guests

Cafe Talk was interesting and I’m really glad I participated. I was glad that the participants were not only interested in Malaysia but also in me as a person. (Safi)

Words from the participants

  • I found it interesting that Yong and Safi were both working hard in Japan. (K)
  • Yong from Ghana has big dreams and I’m cheering for him. (M)
  • I learned a little about Islam in Malaysia. (M)
  • Both guests said that teaching English at school is fun. However, they also said that there were difficult times (I)
  • Both Young and Safi were nice young men. (M)
  • I was impressed with the story about getting a driver’s license after Yong had arrived in Okinawa, Japan. The driver’s license study material was translated into English by the family, then diligently studied. Finally, with a family interpreter and a supervisor nearby, Yong took the driver’s license test. To this day that study material has great importance. It’s full of memories for Yong and the family. (T)