Café Talk

ica members Chow Kang (China), Mr. Emmanuel (Uganda), and Mr. Tommy (Germany) were welcomed as guests. They talked about their countries, work, and life in Japan. Education was also discussed, as there were six participants from Osaka University of Tourism who would like to work in education in the future.

Tommy’s introduction to the German education system

  • Tuition is free from kindergarten to university.
  • When students enter junior high school, the path which students can take is divided into a higher education course and a standard course. There are no exams, but rather a discussion between the student, parents and teachers to decide which school to enter.
  • There is also a system for students who have completed their junior high school education and are still thinking about what path they want to take next. They can attend school while being involved in the military or nursing care for one year while they decide their next path.
  • There are no levels at university, it is what you learn that counts.
  • BMW and Audi have universities that allow students to study while working.