2015 Summer Obon Festival in Izumisano

Japanese?language?students from ica, dressed in yukata, participated in the traditional Bon Odori (Bon Dance).


The Izumisano Obon Festival ?was?held on August 29. Despite the rainy weather many local residents of Izumisano, Japanese language?learners of ica and their friends were able to attend.?Attendees had a chance to?meet new people?for the first time and make new friends as they gathered around the vendor stalls and danced to?the traditional folk song of Izumisano,?Sano Kudoki.

Naguham, a native of Syria, sold her handicrafts at the?ica booth. “I am?so?happy to sell these handicrafts that I made. I appreciate everyone’s help with this.”, Nagamu said. When not selling her handicrafts she took many?pictures that she had planned to send to her?mother?who lives in Syria.

Emilio, an Italian?exchange student at Sano High School who had recently?arrived to Japan commented.?”It was a nice festival. It’s impressive that various?things are?very orderly. For?example, the event schedule,?the parking staff, and the way people ?generally move about. ?Although, the weather wasn’t so good, I really enjoyed the festival because I got to meet lots of people and dance. But, since?I’ve been walking around in these traditional Japanese sandals, I have sore feet.”

Luke, an?American who had briefly visited Japan three years prior, remarked in fluent Japanese. ?”The festival food was impressive. In particular, the egg crackers and croquette were delicious. I was taught how to dance Bon Odori. I was also able to learn?how to do the dance while wearing a real?yukata. It was a great chance to really?experience?the festival rather than simply be a spectator.