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Let’s Talk in Japanese

The Japanese language class presentation, Let’s Talk in Japanese was held on Saturday, June 16. About 50 people attended. There were nine presenters from five different countries. In accordance with their Japanese level, presenters showed the audience their various skills by giving speeches, singing songs, and doing skits.

Participants’ Impressions

● When I study Japanese every week with ica, I often don’t see other students, so today I was very pleased to meet students from various countries. It was a good opportunity to talk in Japanese with people from various countries who are also learning at ica. (China)

● I understand the hard work and the thought of facing embarrassment. Having the opportunity to present is a nice change of pace, in addition it’s sure to improve presenters’ Japanese. The children were also very adorable. (Anonymous)

● It was fun to see a rich variety of rakugo, plays, songs, etc. in Japanese. (Anonymous)

● Each presentation was unique and had an important message to give. I was impressed. They were not “stiff speeches” like I thought but actually quite a lot of fun. (R.K.)

● I participated for the first time. It was fun to be able to listen to interesting stories from various countries. (MO)

● It’s been a long time since I joined ica. There were many new faces. There are fond memories, seeing the Japanese faces here. It was fun to see various people gather and present. (Y.I.)


Feature Article

Studying Islamic Culture

Studying Islamic Culture
Saturday, February 24

Getting to Know Islamic Culture was the last of the 2017 fiscal year lecture series. In this lecture Sarah Qureshi Yoshim ,Director of Nagoya Mosque’s External Relations, was invited to speak about the state of the Islam and that of Muslim children living in Japan. She helped to raise awareness to the thirty-five foreign and Japanese attendees. DSC_9415s

From Participants’ Questionnaires

● Whether it’s Ramadan or praying, I thought that Islam was very flexible. I did not know that Islam was a religion that cherishes peace and values moderate viewpoints. I didn’t even know that women were cherished. I also learned that IS and Islam are totally different. I don’t know what’s true or not unless I take a look at all sides of various kinds of news and events.

● I was even scared of Islam, at first , based on its portrayal on the news, but now through international relationships I have a lot of Islamic friends. African, Indonesian, and people from other countries are good friends. I thought it was scary to see a one sided view on the news.

● When I heard the authentic points of view of Muslim children, as a parent with children, it felt like my heart was being torn. I strongly feel that it is necessary to obtain correct knowledge and information about Islam.

● Although it is easy in Japan to be swayed by the media, I thought if opportunities to hear such “true voices” increase, it will lead to better multicultural understanding and create a more harmonious society. I also want to share what I learned today.

● It is quite embarrassing. I’m surprised I didn’t know the true Islam, which is quite different from the Islam I previously knew. It’s unavoidable to question the unwavering media. It was really nice to be able to get a new understanding by participating. My view of the media has changed.


Feature Article

Enjoying the New Year

Saturday, January 27 at Kansai International Center

About 110 people including around 40 foreigners participated in Let’s Enjoy the New Year. In addition to traditional Japanese games, their was a demonstration of a lion dance competition. Participants enjoyed discovering games and activities that interested them.



In cooperation with:
Soroptimist International, Rinku, Osaka
Third Place
Mizuhiki Art Society
Ikuta Shrine Lionmask Preservation Society

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A Bustling Party

International Party
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Kitashouji Brewery Company, Shiroku Hall

It was a energetic party of 130 people including 41 foreigners. Families participated and people of various ages and nationalities enjoyed singing, dancing, games and chatting.


In the Find a Friend game participants were divided into groups based on answers to questions such as “What month were you born?” and “What is your favorite color?” One of the questions that was asked was “How many siblings do you have?”. The greatest number of siblings was twelve.

● I enjoyed the event at such a wonderful venue. It was fun to talk with people from various countries. (S)
● The Macarena dance is always fun. (M)
● It was my first time as the MC, but it was a nice experience. In addition, my husband’s dance was exciting. (Irene / Taiwan)

Feature Article

Language Exchange at Kansai International Center

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at Kansai International Center

74 people from 29 countries exchanged words at Kansai International Center. Japanese learners from ica and Japanese language trainees from Kansai International Center, along with Japanese attendees, all split up into small groups and gathered around tables. They  and communicated with gestures, Japanese and English.

What were foreigners’ impressions of the event?

● It’s fun to hear opinions from various people. (Germany)
● I enjoyed being asked various questions from Japanese people. (Italy)
● The local food recommendation is sword fish sushi. (Korea)

What were Japanese people’s impressions of the event?

● I’ve never had such a opportunity to talk with foreigners, so it was a nice experience.
● I felt that all the foreigners were forward thinking (including future research and work).


Participants’ Countries of Origin

Europe + NIS
Italy, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Uzbekistan

Middle East
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine

Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros, Benin, Liberia,  Mauritania

Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Nepal

North America

Latin America
Haiti, Honduras, Argentina