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Disaster Prevention Tour 2019

Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution and Earthquake Memorial Park
Sunday, February 24, Kobe

On the Tour

I learned about earthquakes, tsunamis and disaster prevention at the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution in Kobe. I felt the strength and the terror of Mother Nature while at the same time, moved by the efforts of people who are working hard in the post-disaster reconstruction. As Japan is a country where natural disasters frequently occur, citizens are regularly educated in disaster prevention. I felt that the children that were with me on the tour were well trained. As a foreigner living in Japan, I felt that I wasn’t very aware of disaster prevention and my knowledge was lacking. This tour was very meaningful and I would like to share what I learned today with those around me. (Chi Lee / China)


Disaster Prevention Workshop
Saturday, March 2, Minaminakakashii


Words from the participants

There were many things I didn’t know that are common knowledge about earthquakes and tsunamis, so it’s been very helpful. (H.M.)

I thought I knew, but there were many things I had forgotten. I’m glad to be able to get a refresher. I would like to try the disaster emergency phone system again. (H.I.)

The disaster emergency phone system was taught at work, but I had never actually used it, so it was good to learn. (B)

This game gives insight into how foreigners feel while living in Japan. It was a good experience. (H. H.)

It is difficult to understand with just the words. Pictures and signs, I felt, are very important. (K.S.)

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Welcome Party for KIX Senshu International Marathon Runners

Welcome Party for Marathon Runners 
Friday February 15, Minaminakakashii

Prior to the 26th Annual KIX Senshu International Marathon, Izumisano City, in partnership with Chengdu in China, New Town in Mongolia, Tubu in Mongolia, the city of Marilia in Brazil, and the Republic of Uganda, held a welcome party for the 6 runners from their respective countries. Forty-four people, mainly ica members, participated and cheered on the runners.


From the left, Wang Jiayu (China),  Oyuka (Mongolia),  Dogee (Mongolia), Alex (Uganda), Saihana (Mongolia), Satake (ica) and Leonardo (Brazil). Satake, a registered runner, who also participated last year, said, “The bridge makes this course difficult.”

Nankin Tamasudare​, a traditional Japanese street performance, stirring everyone in the hall with excitement.

Having a short tea break, Emmanuel (left) and Alex (right),  "The Uganda Brothers". Alex is a 19-year-old police officer.
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New Year’s Celebration

Sunday, January 27 at Kansai International Center

A total of 118 people, including about 30 foreigners, gathered and enjoyed various games and activities such as Go, origami, and plate turning. In addition, participants enjoyed mizuhiki, the art of wrapping and shaping cord in a decorative fashion and the traditional card gamed called karuta. Performers took to the floor and danced Yosakoi, an exhilarating performance of beautiful voices, colorful costumes, and bright rhythms and colorful dances.

In cooperation with:
Soroptimist International Osaka
Rinku Art, Mizuhiki Club
Dream Club (Yosakoi)
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Gayagaya Party

Sunday, December 8 2018
Minaminakakashii, Izumisano

One hundred people participated in the end-of-the-year Gayagaya Party. Participants including family members and people of various ages and nationalities, enjoyed singing, dancing, playing games and chatting.



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2018 ICA Hike

Hiking Inunaki Mountain
November 11, 2018 (Sun)

Foreign residents living in the area and trainees from Kansai International Center walk along the mountain stream of Inunaki Mountain.

The Inunaki Mountain Hike, hosted by ica, was fun, memorable experience, impressing many trainees from Kansai International Center. Participants with various backgrounds including Japanese were divided into several groups making for a fun experience. Participants enjoyed bento boxes for lunch. The tour was in Japanese, but group members interpreted and helped with explanations. At the end of the hike was a Kamishibai, a picture-story show that helped elucidate the impressiveness of this historic place. Thanks to the ica members, the Inunaki Mountain Hike was fun and memorable. (Dauda / Mali)