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Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 26 at Kansai International Center

A total of 101 people, including 40 foreigners, gathered. In the atmosphere of the new year, everyone sang Happy New Years and played various games. Participants enjoyed traditional games and took part in activities such as Go, origami, Fukuwari and tea ceremony. Following this, all participants played a game of telephone creating an exciting scene.

In cooperation with International Soroptimist Osaka-Rinku

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Gaya-gaya Party

Saturday, December 7

To conclude the year, ica held its annual End-of-the-year Party called Gaya-gaya Party. Attending this year, were 112 people, including 44 foreigners. Many families participated and people of various ages and nationalities enjoyed singing, dancing, playing games, and chatting.

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Constructing a Mongolian Ger

Saturday, October 26, 2019 Inakura Youth Activity Center

The 30th Anniversary of ica will be held on October 31, 2020. In preparation for the event, with the guidance of people from Mongolia, 35 participants gathered in the Inakura Outdoor Youth Center parking lot to assemble a Mongolian ger. On the actual day of the event, next year, the ger will be assembled with all participants.

When we arrived at the venue, several people were carrying heavy wooden framework out from under a storage staircase. I immediately tried to help but the last door I brought out was extremely heavy and quite challenging to carry.

We inserted the umbrella-like slats of the roof into their receptacles. Unfortunately we came up short one hole right at the very end. Because of this we had to correct our mistake. Even though we had this minor setback, like excited children, we still had fun. After its completion, it was already lunch time. In the end, I struck up some conversations with participants over lunch.

Finally, under roof of the completed ger, was a live performance of the morin khuur, a traditional Mongolian stringed instrument. Right before our eyes, came an impressive force of various tones. Eyes closed, Mongolia’s vast wilderness, emanated.

Hajime Katsuragi

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Idobata Salon

Friday, October 25, 2019 at Kansai International Center

This year 55 people from 25 different countries, gathered and struck up conversations at Kansai International Center. Joining the foreigners, were 25 Japanese participants, including members of ica and Japanese trainees from Kansai International Center. Groups communicated using a mix of Japanese, English, and gestures to share the a bit of culture from their home countries as well as their impressions of Japan.

Countries of Origin

Central Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Latin America

Middle East



Impressions from Participants

  • I’ve never been to a country before. I think if I knew a bit more about myself I could have talked a little more.
  • Everyone has just arrived in Japan, so they feel very excited and hopeful about upcoming experiences. I hope they enjoy their time in Japan despite the hard task of studying.
  • Many people were interested in the culture and language of my country. I felt motivated to learn about the cultures of other countries. (Colombia)
  • Everyone was very kind and I want to meet them again.
  • I learned a lot about Japan and I practiced my Japanese language skills. (Seychelles)
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Let’s Play!

Let’s play with foreigners, is a program designed to warm children’s hearts with a variety of activities. This year activities included guest country introductions and gesture games like Janken Lesha (Rock, Paper, Scissors Train) Omiseyasangokko (Pretend Shopping), and more. Let’s play with foreigners, is planned, prepared and managed by the mothers of World Fun This year 8 foreigners from 7 different countries (Iran, Egypt, Ghana, Sri Lanka, China, Germany and Vietnam) joined the event. Guests and families had good laughs and fun times together.

Nothing better than having fun!

I participated in Let’s play with foreigners. During the guest presentations interested children gathered around to listen. Looking at the game Janken (Rock, Scissors, Paper), there were not three, but four, options to play. It’s not even Rock, Scissors, Paper at that point. It was surprising to say the least.

It was fun times in the game corner where foreign currency was used.

I participated because I thought it would be good, from a young age, to converse with people from various countries. It was an opportunity to take some time to communicate with people who spoke little to no Japanese. After joining ica, I’ve become more and more at ease with this.

I think the most memorable moment from this experience happened before the actual event. The guests’ children along with Japanese children, although they couldn’t understand each other, they played a fun game of soccer.

In Japan, there aren’t many so many events with the opportunities to learn about other countries. Because of that, I think this is a great experience. Thank you! (TM)