Enjoying the New Year

Saturday, January 27 at Kansai International Center

About 110 people including around 40 foreigners participated in Let’s Enjoy the New Year. In addition to traditional Japanese games, their was a demonstration of?a lion dance competition. Participants enjoyed discovering games and activities that interested them.



In cooperation with:
Soroptimist International, Rinku, Osaka
Third Place
Mizuhiki Art Society
Ikuta Shrine Lionmask?Preservation Society

A Bustling Party

International Party
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Kitashouji Brewery Company, Shiroku Hall

It was a energetic?party of 130 people including 41 foreigners. Families participated and people of various ages and nationalities enjoyed singing, dancing, games and chatting.


In the Find a Friend game?participants were divided into groups based on answers to questions such as “What month?were you born?” and “What is your favorite color?” One of the questions that was asked was?”How many siblings do you have?”. The greatest number of siblings was twelve.

● I enjoyed the event at such a wonderful venue. It was fun to talk with people from various countries. (S)
● The Macarena dance is always fun. (M)
● It was my first time as the MC, but it was a nice experience. In addition, my husband’s dance was exciting. (Irene / Taiwan)

Language Exchange at Kansai International Center

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at Kansai International Center

74 people from 29 countries exchanged words at Kansai International Center. Japanese learners from ica and Japanese language trainees?from Kansai International Center, along with Japanese attendees, all split up into small groups and?gathered around tables. They? and?communicated?with gestures, Japanese?and English.

What were foreigners’ impressions of the event?

● It’s fun to hear opinions from various people. (Germany)
● I enjoyed being asked various questions from Japanese people. (Italy)
● The local food?recommendation?is?sword fish sushi. (Korea)

What were Japanese people’s impressions of the event?

● I’ve never had such a opportunity to talk with foreigners, so it was a nice experience.
● I felt that all the foreigners were forward thinking (including future research and work).


Participants’ Countries?of Origin

Europe + NIS
Italy, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Uzbekistan

Middle East
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine

Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros, Benin, Liberia,? Mauritania

Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Nepal

North America

Latin America
Haiti, Honduras, Argentina

Studying Islamic Culture, Cooking Class

Studying Islamic Culture: Cooking Class
Sunday, October 15 at Sano Public Hall Kitchen

As part of the Islamic Culture Understanding Lecture, a cooking class was held by Syrian native and ica Japanese language student, Ms. Nagam. Twenty?people participated is this event.




fried eggplant slices, ground beef with rice, topped with cashew nuts
It looks like a cake!

Molukhia Soup◆?
made with dried molukhia.
Syrian style salad
with r
efreshing lemon and dry mint



Ms. Nagam (center) observing the cooking progress at each table.

Participants’ Words

● It was surprising to hear that it was a regular dish. I want to eat it again.
● I was impressed when the maroba was done. The scent and shape were so attractive.
● Syria’s culture, language, etc. were also introduced and I became more interested in Syria.
● I was surprised to learn that rice is even eaten in Arab countries. I am happy to be able to have the ingredients close at hand. Spices are absolutely necessary! Should I buy some spices now?

Cross-cultural Experience for Children

Sunday, September 10, Sano Community Center Multipurpose Room

The yearly event Let’s Play with Foreigners was held for elementary school aged children and their parents.? The event was a pleasure for the children as it is every year. And again, this year, the planning and management were handled by the mothers of World Fun, an intercultural exchange circle for child rearing.


Where is Bolivia?

A first look at characters of foreign languages!

A spark of interest in foreign countries

On September 10th, 9 foreigners from 6 countries and 14 children along with their parents attended the international exchange event called Let’s Play with Foreigners. The event planning was done by members of World Fun, a parent-child organization.

Foreigners explained the differences between Japan and their home countries. For example, expressing animal sounds and?the method for cutting a?cake, were demonstrated. It was discovered that Bolivians?have a unique way to cut a cake, that even parents were surprised to hear.

In the Question Corner children asked questions such as, “Do you have vending machines in Bulgaria?”. The children’s?eyes gazed in anticipation?of the response.

Foreigners wrote names and greetings in their native languages such as Korean and Tagalog, on a shrinkable plastic. Following,??participants heated up their creations and formed key rings. At the end everyone made a circle and moved to?a Bolivian dance. Everyone left with a grin from ear to ear.

My grade 1 son suddenly had a new-found interest in foreign countries. When we arrived home my?son asked questions like “Where’s Taiwan?” and “What do Chinese people eat?”. I was so happy to participate in the event. Next year please come to World Fun Event! Bring the whole family! (S.T.)

I was surprised by the way?Bolivians cut their cakes!

1.Cut in a circular shape.
2.?Cut radially from the?center.
Using this method for large gatherings and celebrations,? family, friends, and neighbors can all enjoy a piece of cake.