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Summer Festival in IZUMISANO

 第44回泉佐野郷土芸能の集いが、りんくうタウン駅近くの府営りんくう公園第2駐車場で開催され、市民や外国人観光客でにぎわいました。 ica日本語教室の学習者を中心に、6カ国10名の外国人が浴衣を着て、日本の夏祭りを楽しみました。また、icaは昨年と同じく「世界のお土産品が当たるチャリティーくじ」を出店し、子どもや外国人の人気を集めました。

Hometown Celebration

Summer Festival in Izumisano
July 27, 2019

The 44th Annual Izumisano Folk Art Festival was held at Rinku Park, near Rinku Town Station. The event was packed with local citizens and foreign tourists. Ten foreigners from six different countries, mainly learners of ica Japanese language classes, wore traditional yukata and enjoyed the summer festivities. Like last year, ica set up a booth titled Charity Lottery. The booth attracted children and foreigners alike, giving them a chance to win souvenirs from around the world.


Japanese class presentation

日本語教室発表会「みんなで にほんご はなしましょう」が6月15日(土)に開催され、57人が参加しました。発表者は8カ国14名。自分の日本語のレベルに合わせて、スピーチや歌を披露しました。

…………… 参加者のみなさんの感想 ……………


It’s Time to Speak Japanese!

Japanese Class Presentation
Saturday, June 15, 2019

Let’s Speak Japanese was held on Saturday, June 15. Students of ica learning Japanese, had a chance to present in front of an audience. Fourteen presenters from eight different countries, with various levels of Japanese, performed a song or gave a speech.

Impressions from presenters and audience members

  • It was fun to hear various speeches. I learned some new things. I was also surprised that some of the learners were able to speak Japanese in such a short period of time. (Jeffrey / Germany)
  • It was a very fun activity. It was my first time so I was a bit nervous. It was great to be able to talk with other Chinese people. (Sonlin/ China)
  • Everyone was good at Japanese and I had no problem understanding. (S)
  • It’s been a long time since I participated in the ica event. I was surprised to hear that the number of learners increased.  In addition, they’ve come from various countries. (T)
  • The relationships between the learners and the teachers were warm and congenial. (M)
  • Various thoughts and ideas were presented. I could see that they’d worked very hard for this day. (K)
  • It was very interesting to get a better understanding of Japan, not only in the Japanese classroom but also by understanding the culture of other countries.(U)